HR - The Most influential Brand Manager

HR – the Most Influential Brand Manager

By Jefferson Daley / March 22, 2019

When most people think about branding, HR tends to be the last thing that comes to mind. Instead, they think of popular logos and flashy ad campaigns from companies like: Apple, Redbull, Facebook & Google. These companies all have something else in common, they’ve been voted as some of the best places to work by…

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5 Reasons to Automate Time and Attendance Tracking

By Jefferson Daley / February 14, 2019

Accurately tracking employee time and attendance data is key for improving worker productivity/business profitability. Here are 5 benefits of automating the tracking process: 1. Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency Manual time and attendance tracking is very time consuming and costly, especially when the staff compliment is large. Automating the process lets you focus resources on key…

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Solomon Perkins, Development Manager at Epic Technologies collects gift at HRMAJ Conference 38 after doing presentation on HR Integration Systems

HRMAJ Conference 38

By Jefferson Daley / November 19, 2018

Conference 38 was a blast! Thanks to everyone that came out to see our presentation on HR Integration Systems #innovation #hrsoftware #APIs #SDKs #EPICHR #EpicTechnologies Watch a recap of the presentation here 

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